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Campaigners and communities gather for Tower Hamlets rally

15th September 2021
Scores of people braved the rain to call for Hong Kong Square, Tibet Hill and Uyghur Court to take their place on maps...Read more

Detainees in Dza Wonpo subjected to torture and political re-education

15th September 2021
Around 117 Tibetans remain in detention, with at least one being denied medical treatment.Read more

Two Tibetan youngsters detained for chat group conversation in Tibetan language

9th September 2021
Yang Ri and Guldak were detained for speaking out against the replacement of Tibetan by Chinese in schools.Read more

Eight more Tibetans detained amid heightened climate of fear and internal spies

9th September 2021
These latest arrests mean that at least 110 people have been detained in Dza Wonpo over the past month.Read more

Activists hold a protest demanding the release of Rinchen Kyi

7th September 2021
Free Tibet and allies gathered outside the Chinese embassy to mark the International Day of the Disappeared.Read more

Further 53 Tibetans detained amid continuing military crackdown

1st September 2021
Around 100 Tibetans from Dza Wonpo in detention within a week of military and police search operation.Read more

Around 50 Tibetans arrested on suspicion of keeping photos of the Dalai Lama

27th August 2021
Military search operation in Dza Wonpo Town enforced eight months on from the death in custody of 19-year-old Tenzin...Read more

Renowned Tibetan school ordered to teach in Chinese or face shutdown

23rd August 2021
Founded by a revered Rinpoche, Gyalten Getsa Tibetan school is recognised for its outstanding contributionsRead more

Teenage Tibetan petitioner arrested in Ngaba by Chinese police authorities

18th August 2021
Local sources have stated Sherab Dorjee may have been arrested for appealing for education in the Tibetan language.Read more

A Tibetan pushed off a steep roadside into river, believed dead

16th August 2021
Rigdrak was attacked by police after questioning them for stopping his car.Read more

110 Tibetans detained for images on phone

11th August 2021
80 released after being forced to pay monetary fine and details of 30 remain unknown.Read more

Birthday celebrations in honor of Kirti Rinpoche banned

11th August 2021
Social media and public movement controlled on 80th birthday of a revered Rinpoche in Ngaba.Read more

Three Tibetans arrested for sharing photos of an official event in WeChat group

11th August 2021
Chinese authorities suspect online content sharing with Tibetans outside Tibet while official accounts sharing similar...Read more

Teacher is arrested and charged with separatism after her school was forcibly closed

10th August 2021
Rinchen Kyi was deeply affected by the closure of Sengdruk Taktse Middle School last month.Read more

Monk released from prison early

4th August 2021
Lobsang Tenzin was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2011 following the self-immolation of a fellow monk.Read more

Senior monk arrested in Ngaba

4th August 2021
Konmey was detained in late July without any official explanation.Read more

Tibetan Political Prisoner convicted for demanding freedom has sentence reduced

23rd July 2021
Tsultrim Gyatso’s sentence was reduced by 5 months last year after People’s court claims he has “reformed” after shown...Read more

Wave of arrests across eastern Tibet after digital search operations

22nd July 2021
Six of those arrested have been identified while details of around 30 others are yet to be ascertainedRead more

Four Tibetans detained after authorities step up mobile phone checks

20th July 2021
Authorities in Serthar County have been increasingly checking Tibetans' phones for images of the Dalai Lama.Read more