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Tibet supporters marching in the UK
Tibet supporters marching in the UK

China's argument:

The Free Tibet movement is supported by Western anti-China forces. Human rights are China’s internal affair and Westerners who have never been to Tibet have no right to speak against China’s policies.

The facts:

Free Tibet supporters have no argument with the Chinese people. They support Free Tibet because they see Tibetans as victims of the undemocratic Chinese government and see Tibetans’ unwavering struggle for freedom as a just cause.

Chinese people are also victims of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule and many also face severe punishments in resisting its policies. When they learn the truth beyond their government’s propaganda, many Chinese people also support Tibet.

At Free Tibet we share the stories of Tibetans who resist China's rule and who are victims of China's human rights abuses. These voices are hidden from the Chinese government’s official communications. We receive no support from any government or political organisation.

We expose the truth and many people around the world choose to support Tibetans.