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Map of Tibet under China
Map of Tibet under China

China's argument:

Tibet already has autonomy as the Tibet Autonomous Region of the PRC. Tibetans are free to follow their traditions and Tibetan Buddhism is protected.

The facts:

This map shows historic Tibet – the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is only part of this and millions of Tibetans live outside it.

The TAR has autonomy in name only. In reality, the most senior political position in the region, the TAR Communist Party Secretary, has never been occupied by a Tibetan and Beijing is in charge. The official language is Chinese, with many Tibetan children losing their ability to speak and write Tibetan. Resistance to China's rule - from singing to environmental protests – is met with repression and brutality.

As for the right to follow Tibetan Buddhism freely, monasteries are subject to monitoring and control by the Communist Party and monks and nuns are feared and often persecuted by the Chinese regime. Any Tibetan possessing an image of the Dalai Lama risks imprisonment.